Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabric Flower Fun!

Hey all! So the past couple of weeks I have been working something super fun. I have been wanting to incorporate fabric in my journals for sometime now. Why you ask? Becuase I LOVE fabric! And when I see it I have a crazy impulse to buy it. I always tell myself I will come up with the perfect project for it, but those projects are hard to find! So you can imagine the stash I have stowed away in my trunk at home. So naturally after started making my journals, I thought, this might be the way! At first I thought I would make covers out of fabric, but that didn't work out quite like I'd hoped. But I think I have now sort of refined my idea to a small punch of fabric awesome, flowers! Take a peek:

So I think they are pretty fun, even despite the amount of finger prints I have lost due to that darn hot glue gun :)